July 18, 2014

Icad, Icad, who's got the Icad?!

Howdy, Summer Lovers!
(I have a sun allergy.)
Anyway, when we last left our intrepid Index Card A Day project, we had shared all cards from Number 1, all the way through Number 27.  So, here are the next cards in rapid succession!
Icad 28

Icad 29
Still working on lettering skills.

Icad 30

Icad 31

Icad 32

Icad 33

Icad 34
Introducing rocket ships into the mix.

Icad 35
Rocket ships that look like dress forms.

Icad 36
I have a thing for eyes, eyeballs, eyelashes, irises, pupils, and teachers.

Icad 37
Yes!  I am eleven cards behind!!  Which, normally, we would not trouble ourselves to catch up to, but in this instance, I'm trying to complete every card because once they are all done, they will completely fill my inspiration board in my studio!  YAY!  Just know that, even if you haven't started this challenge, it is a heck of a challenge and you can do it!  You can start any time!  You can keep a running practice of doing your cards one after the other and numbering them and sending them out to the world, or keeping them safe for future display!
Which reminds me: I think I've lost numbers 24 and 25. 
Or they may have been stolen.
Next up:  Chris calls Jessica Fletcher to work the case, but they just end up trying to be more darling than each other.

July 2, 2014

Index-Card-A-Day Begins

June was the first month of the Index-Card-A-Day challenge, and this is my second year participating in this challenge.  It's fun and it's a great practice during the summertime, when you may have only enough time to make something small.

Here are the first twelve days of my June cards.  The second group continues in a post below this one.

ONE!  (crayon resist and watercolor wash)

One of the things I wanted to try this year was to work more in black and white, or black and white and only one color.  Last year, it was color, color, and more color.  And rainbows.  And then there were some colors.

So I tried these next two.
TWO!  (pens)

THREE!  (pens)  

FOUR!  (watercolor and pens)
Here we go with the colors again.

FIVE! (pens)

This year, I'm finding less time even for the icad challenge, because of issues at my day job.  (frustration!)

SEVEN!  (toying with cartoon)

EIGHT!  (the boldness of Sharpie watercolor paint pens)

NINE!  (truly hate this one)

TEN!  (dreamed about a delicate b&w flower...
didn't pull it off to my satisfaction).



Another goal this year was to play with lettering.  
I want to use letters more in my art and so far, mine always look the same to me...

I've been attempting to post these pictures on my Flickr page.  It's all this multi-tasking that makes Chris a better person!!

Next:  Cards 13 through 27.