March 19, 2015

Sketchbook Project Pages

Yes, I am once again submitting to The Sketchbook Project.  I just love the whole idea of creating a big project and then letting it go.  However, I kind of miss it when it's gone.  So, I may keep this one.  But I probably won't. 

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism you've come to expect from this site.  And, you're welcome.

The sad part about the sketchbook project account I created is that it's under my previous blog title, Prismtrail.  So if anyone wants to search by Parabolic Muse they won't find it.  However, maybe I'm listed under my name, Hortensia Miramontes.  Now I can't remember, but that's probably best.

Basically, if you want to see my sketchbook during The Sketchbook Project Tour, you're out of luck.

In the meantime, I am showing some pages from the journal as it is so far.  All of these are works in progress (WIP), so I may re-post them when they are done.  You can't be sure, however, so you should come back here every day of your life until you are sure they just aren't going to be posted.  I make this a habit for all the sites I visit.  I've been visiting Elizabeth Taylor's website every day since she was in National Velvet and I wanted to tell her she was riding my horse and I wanted it back.  However, she never responded to my comment.  (Her blog was very primitive then.)  But eventually, they told me to stop checking the site because they were only keeping it up for me, out of politeness.  So, see?  You can make a (certain kind of) impact by visiting blogs daily.

Anyway, here is what I have done in the sketchbook so far.  Unlike some of you who are successful professionals, I like doing a lot of pages in a half-assed manner while watching old episodes of America's Most Wanted.  So I'm very happy with these!


Next up:  The Sketchbook Project team sends back my book with a polite note that is at the same time NSFW.

March 16, 2015

This and That

Sharing a couple of the pieces I've worked on recently:
I just felt like drawing some flowers.
This is colored with various Copics and Prismacolor markers,
with Sharpie paint pens as the little texturing 'dots' on the petals.  Then I added some white gel pen highlights. 
Below is a design I worked out by taking an old gift card and tracing around it in various directions.  Then I added some smaller squares with the same rounded corners, and some circles.  I went over the pencil with a Faber Castell Pitt Pen fine point. 
Next, the drawing after doing the paint markers and other details.  I have some issues with it, but I must move on to the Sketchbook Project journal.  It's due very soon!
Managed to get a couple of photos...
before a sunset...

and during a sunrise!
What's been going on with you?

March 10, 2015

The Pulse is Strong

Hey!  It's getting very close to the opening of THE PULSE PROJECT exhibition at The Empty Spaces Project!

It's a highly-anticipated event showcasing the artists of Seth Apter's lauded Pulse Project.  Read all about the experience on his site, where he has presented amazing images of some of the pieces being exhibited.  I've been reading his post and those pieces are AMAZING.  It's such a great service to bring these rich and lovely pieces to the public, where they can be seen in the flesh!

(I'm not talking about the public, per se, but the works of art, themselves.  Although, the public is certainly in the flesh, but my whole point was...  Never mind.)

As an addendum to my previous post about my own contribution to this show, I wanted to show you an addition to my three framed works in the Industrial Revolutions triptych.  A good friend of mind engraved a plate for each of these three pieces.  What an honor that she would think of this. 

I watched her engrave them and was fascinated.

 Here is one of the finished plates.
With Patches's hair on it.

After engraving them, Sharon oxidized them so the text would contrast to the plates.
Sometimes, Patches thinks I need a bit of help...
Here I'm working on a watercolor, but you can see the beginning of
Industrial Revolutions to the left of the cat. 
(Sorry, no cat hair is included with any of my works.)

I also was recently tickled when The Sketchbook Project featured one of my sketchbook pages on their Instagram feed.  As you can see, I've always leaned toward the geometric...

You may remember this drawing from a prior post.  My friend Jeanette was gifted with this and since framed it.  This is not going to be in the exhibit, but I like her choice of framing so I thought I'd share.

 Make sure to treat yourself to some eye candy by following Seth, and The Empty Spaces Project Facebook page, for latest on the exhibit!

Patches, dreaming of the show.

March 4, 2015

Wherein I Am An Exhibitionist

 Good Morning from the land of the Parabola and Hyperbola! 

I have missed my blog.  It has been almost six months, but it's been a well-needed time for reassessing, a time for focusing on priorities.  And without going into detail about that here, I'll move right into what's happening now. 

What's happening now is that I have entered some work into a show that's far, far from my home.  I've never been in an exhibit!  It's very exciting, and as you can guess, scary.  And the hardest thing about it is putting a price on the work I love doing.  I suppose it gets easier the more you do it. 

If you are a regular reader of my site, you already know that Seth Apter is someone I admire and like and stalk regularly whenever he leaves his home.  I won't belabor that point any further until I decide to again.  Well, Seth has created a show based upon his ambitious and well-loved Pulse Project.  And now, those of us involved in the Pulse Project will be sharing our work in one place, The Empty Spaces Project Gallery in Connecticut. 

You can read Seth's announcement of the exhibit here.

When I got his announcement about the show, I had already begun a triptych of drawings I'd conceived and, while working on the first one, I felt the set would be great as a submission.  These pieces show my style and sensibility, which has evolved in various directions since my first involvement in The Pulse.  I was honored to have had them accepted into the show, along with over 25 other artists' works!  If you can make it out to the show, I know it will be fantastically varied and rich.  I'm anticipating hearing all reports from attendees and many images of the event.  Seth's blog is vibrant and visually exciting, and I look forward to his report on the exhibit.  You may also wish to keep up with the progress of the event by following The Empty Spaces Project Gallery Facebook page.

These are the pieces I first submitted for entry: 

 Industrial Revolutions

Mass Transit

Sub Urban

All are acrylic pen on mixed media board.

Then, on a whim, I submitted this very different piece, and was happy to hear it was accepted as well!

High Tide

Bouyed by the gallery owner's willingness to create an entire wall of my work, I then submitted 47 other pieces, whereupon I was asked to please use an alternate email address for all further submissions.  (I believe this was his way of telling me that I was special.  Oddly, I haven't heard back from that email address.)


If you haven't experienced Seth's original project, encompassed in his two books, The Pulse of Mixed Media and The Mixed Media Artist, please visit his site, and then zip over to your favorite bookstore to get the books.  There is so much luxury to reading these, both in imagery and text. 

Thank you for visiting my site again.  I am eager to visit you all as well.  It's been too long.  And please open the page above, About Parabolic Muse, showing where I am about town. 

Let's all continue blabbing, and snapping photos, and sharing 'The Pulse' of creativity. 

HA!  See what I did there?!

Why...yes...that was very clever.