September 30, 2014

Blog's End (for now...?)

I love the palm trees at the end of our block.  I call them The Four Skinnies.  I can call them anything I want, as long as I smile when I do it. 

The readership of this site has dwindled to a precious few, and it's understandable.  I have been off the blog scene for longer and longer stretches of time over the past couple of years.  To maintain a good blog takes a great deal of time and energy.  To maintain a mediocre blog is not really what I ever aspired to, but this one became mediocre due to my lack of time and, let's admit it, my waning interest.

One of the things I have focused on in recent years is in being honest with myself.  I am truly a social creature.  At the same time, I crave to hermitude.  (I can make up words, as long as I smile when I do so.)  So, a blog seemed the perfect forum for gathering comrades in art, and for maintaining a controllable distance when I am feeling hermit-y.
I also LOVE sharing my art, and seeing others'!

I also relish meaningful communication.
(read: not gossip)
My ambivalence about blogging began with the monitoring of comment statistics.  Over the ten years since I began art blogging (I started my first blog before that, in 2001, hosted on myspace, and focused on humor writing), I have come to better terms with commenting and other social statistics, and made a measurable peace with them.  Lately, I feel this has been evident in my greater ability to blog without obligation, but rather, from honest desire to do so during those rare times I desired to do so.

One of the biggest things I've learned about myself through art blogging, and how I have evolved as a blogger, is that my art practice is often stymied by the sense that I have to blog about it.  I know that sounds unduly negative, but, while I completely love blogging as an art-community enterprise, I find it constricting for me, personally.  I'm not sure yet why that is.  Partly, I know, it's a genuine lack of time and the need to prioritize other things.  But, I also know I have a mild social anxiety, so it's probably to do with shyness, too. 
Nevertheless, in efforts to be more honest with myself and accepting of the facts of my life, I am putting the act of blogging on the furthest back burner, for the foreseeable future.  I know it's an awesome artistic tool, because I will be dipping into your blogs and commenting away.  And I will be sharing my art in an image-intensive way through Instagram, Flickr, and maybe even Facebook.  But these venues are not as labor- or time-intensive.  I will be free to concentrate solely on my evolution as an artist.  In the past few months I've felt freer (both in time and creativity) without blogging, and I like that. 

Please look for me on one of those other venues.  I love visiting you and seeing what you're doing.  If you are on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, FB, as well as maintaining your blog, please let me know.  I'd love to follow you, anywhere.
(read: stalking tendencies)

I want to thank the many of you who have continued to support my blog and visit me when I've been on one of my absences.  I hope to know you all for years and years to come.

And if I begin blogging again, perhaps you will see me in your email alerts.  If you'd like to subscribe for that purpose, just check out the sidebar.
This is my eldest brother's doggie, Hurdles.  My most recent pet work.

And, for the heck of it, the latest mural at my local Trader Joes.  They have wonderful artists!

NOTE:  Scout will be on Instagram too!