April 3, 2015

My 2015 Sketchbook Project Pages

My third submitted sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project. Good grief!  How much can a person do in 45 minutes?!?
Actually, this one took weeks, but I'm sure you can estimate that by looking at the photos. 
(Oh, making fun of one's art is so frowned upon in this Serious Art World.  I apologize in advance for my pithy remarks, as the fact remains: I love my sketchbook and I would do it all again.) 
(But better, of course--HA!) 
(Just Kidding!  sheesh.)
Note: it appears that my promised intention to be less wordy on the Parabolic Muse page, and more confessional on the Hyperbolic Muse page has been laid to waste by the fact I've been blabbing for six paragraphs and haven't shown one picture yet, while the Hyperbolic Muse page has only one post so far!  So: I appreciate your indulgence.
To make a short story long, here are the pages from my book, Traveling Circles.
I like to make the viewer welcome.
Have you been to one of The Sketchbook Project tour stops?
It's so fun to browse through the books because the variety is endless.

The first spread went through several incarnations
before finally falling over.

The second spread didn't work out the way
I wanted it to, but it's still okay!

I loved this spread although I feel it is unfinished.
Why it didn't finish itself, I have no idea!

This is another collaged spread, with flowers
and disks cut from a scrapbook paper sheet.

I just laid down this paint and it was so luscious
I doodled all over it in white Gellyroll pen.

This was complete whimsy. 
No clue as to what would happen.  I like it.

This is a scrapbook-y type page using die cuts
 given by American Crafts to Craftcation 15 attendees.
These were designed by Amy Tangerine, who is
a sheer delight of an artist.

These are spirally swirly swirls kept in check
by bars and ribbons.  So, there.

This was my attempt at a spooky page.  Hmmm.

Mandala madness, inspired by the ink sprays
I laid down as background.  Sometimes, for me, 
backgrounds inspire what happens later. 

I knew I wouldn't have time to finish the sketchbook by
postmark date, so I took images of two of my most
recent drawings and just glued them into the book!
I can do that; it's my sketchbook.

I like to say bye bye to my viewers.

These are some of my Moo cards taped
inside the front cover.

This is the back cover, with more Moo cards.
Thanks for stopping by.  I wish a peaceful and fun Easter weekend to all my Peeps
Oh.  And also to you humans!

April 2, 2015

Check Out the Show!

Seth Apter has posted The Pulse Project sale page for this month's exhibition! 
The rich variety of works on display just floors me.
Of course, I'm honored to be among the artists.
Here again are the works I have in the show:
High Tide

Industrial Revolutions

Mass Transit

Sub Urban

And Seth was kind enough to send me a photo of the installation of my work, with the name plates.  It's so... official!!

Jump over there and see all the goodies!  You may just want to buy something before it's spoken for!

March 19, 2015

Sketchbook Project Pages

Yes, I am once again submitting to The Sketchbook Project.  I just love the whole idea of creating a big project and then letting it go.  However, I kind of miss it when it's gone.  So, I may keep this one.  But I probably won't. 

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism you've come to expect from this site.  And, you're welcome.

The sad part about the sketchbook project account I created is that it's under my previous blog title, Prismtrail.  So if anyone wants to search by Parabolic Muse they won't find it.  However, maybe I'm listed under my name, Hortensia Miramontes.  Now I can't remember, but that's probably best.

Basically, if you want to see my sketchbook during The Sketchbook Project Tour, you're out of luck.

In the meantime, I am showing some pages from the journal as it is so far.  All of these are works in progress (WIP), so I may re-post them when they are done.  You can't be sure, however, so you should come back here every day of your life until you are sure they just aren't going to be posted.  I make this a habit for all the sites I visit.  I've been visiting Elizabeth Taylor's website every day since she was in National Velvet and I wanted to tell her she was riding my horse and I wanted it back.  However, she never responded to my comment.  (Her blog was very primitive then.)  But eventually, they told me to stop checking the site because they were only keeping it up for me, out of politeness.  So, see?  You can make a (certain kind of) impact by visiting blogs daily.

Anyway, here is what I have done in the sketchbook so far.  Unlike some of you who are successful professionals, I like doing a lot of pages in a half-assed manner while watching old episodes of America's Most Wanted.  So I'm very happy with these!


Next up:  The Sketchbook Project team sends back my book with a polite note that is at the same time NSFW.

March 16, 2015

This and That

Sharing a couple of the pieces I've worked on recently:
I just felt like drawing some flowers.
This is colored with various Copics and Prismacolor markers,
with Sharpie paint pens as the little texturing 'dots' on the petals.  Then I added some white gel pen highlights. 
Below is a design I worked out by taking an old gift card and tracing around it in various directions.  Then I added some smaller squares with the same rounded corners, and some circles.  I went over the pencil with a Faber Castell Pitt Pen fine point. 
Next, the drawing after doing the paint markers and other details.  I have some issues with it, but I must move on to the Sketchbook Project journal.  It's due very soon!
Managed to get a couple of photos...
before a sunset...

and during a sunrise!
What's been going on with you?