April 17, 2014

Hi!  It's ME!
I am dipping my toe back into the pool of the blogosphere, and I'm leaving behind some images of recent arty stuff.  This is what I've been doing lately instead of blogging. 
Well, I also went on a vacation, and I visit instagram every day, and I got hooked on a series entitled Call the Midwife, and am trying to catch up with The Good Wife.  Basically, any program with 'wife' in the title is given a good once-over by me.  (Fishwife was found seriously lacking.)
How are you?
This is piece is the first one I've sold.
Thank you, Emily!!

This is a birthday postcard insert
for my friend Kerry's birthday card.

This was part of a commission for Emily Lagore.
Her pups Beans and Sprinkles are the subject of a
gathering of art pieces, and I contributed.
Above is Beans, and the next one is Sprinks.

I love our Calla Lilies.  So does a bug.

I've been enjoying the sky a lot so I take pictures. 

This is a zentangle-ish card I created for the MMSA Zentangle swap.
Not sure if the tangle purists would approve, but it was sent to someone, I'm sure!

Just another card I drew. 
Now I'm off to visit other blogs and see all the goodness people keep making in their studios and in their lives.  Smooches!

March 7, 2014

A Few Pictures, A Gift, and A Cat I Don't Know

Do you love taking pictures with your smart phone?  Sometimes I just take bunches of pictures because it's fun.  One must be careful not to miss actually looking at something, because one's so busy taking a picture of it.  I'm finding that's easier said than done.

Here are some recent shots:

Here's a sunset.

Here's an Easter Lily, with a small visitor.

Here's a purplish-pink rose I got for Valentine's Day.

These Clouds are feeling a little cliquish.

On a birding jaunt, I saw other pretty things.

Speaking of pretty things!!
Look at this great gift from Andria?  One of her ATCs with her signature yummy, and...
One of her really cool bookmark notepads.  Come ON! 
Thank you SO much, Andria!

More pictures of pretty plants while on the birding expedition:

Then, in Disneyland, I saw these littles:

Jessie from Toy Story kind of freaked me out.  But as I was there with my clan, I had to be brave in front of Maddan...

Then, while communing on Instagram with some of my IG pals, I casually commented that I was trying to learn to draw a cat.  Here's my first cat picture:

Well.  My friend Mei-Lu asked me to draw her kitty Nico, because Nico is gifted with some very interesting markings. 

Well, my first drawing of Nico looked a bit like a rabbit, with those long skinny ears...

But I managed to get this out of it, and it was one of the most difficult things I've ever drawn.  Luckily, Mei-Lu liked it!

Since posting this, I was asked to draw someone's two pups. 
I'll be back with that next year, sometime.  Probably.