March 9, 2012

Shannon's International Postcard Swap

As mentioned in an earlier post, I joined Shannon's International Postcard Swap.  Unfortunately, I've been delayed in sharing my winnings from this swap until now.

Ten cards that looked exactly like these:

went out in early February, and I have been waiting to show you the cards I received in return.  The last one to arrive didn't get to me until Saturday, but that was just fine, because the long, steady flow of mail kept the goodies moving in for a good three weeks' time!

So, here, in no particular order, are the cards I received from Shannon's international contributors.  Some of the cards didn't have much in the way of identification, and I never did receive responses from two of the artists.

I know nothing about the creator of this card, except for her email address.  She has not responded to my inquiries.

Jennifer Downing Tan has plans for a website, but as yet, she simply sends her lovely offerings out to the world to speak for themselves!

Sylvie Bellet created this innovative piece.  I love it.

Tejae Floyde is versed in many media, and imbues all her work with beautiful colors.

Margriet van Tol signed this bright and smile-evoking card, yet I could not find her through an internet search or through inquiries to two different emails. 

Debs Pouliot has contributed to Jenny Doh's Crescendoh site, and created one of the most whimsical and colorful cards I've ever received.  I love all the textures and detailing, here.

Shiree Johnston evoked a vintage and exotic feel, as she brought the international spirit into her offering from New Zealand. 

Cindy Trobaugh's card suffered a bit of mangling in the post, but do you not love the simplicity of a bold silhouette over one of my favorite graphics--the map?  This guy's prepared.

Donna Schmidt's card combines my favorite shape, the circle, and my current favorite color, green (just in time for St. Patrick's Day, doncha know).

Anne Mieke's card just cheered me up.  You can see the layers of paint, stamping, the collaged letters and inked edges that combined to make this cheery greeting.   

I'm glad to finally be able to share these cards with you.  They are welcome additions to my growing collection of cards from around the world!

I'm now on the verge of sending out cards I've made for Hanna Andersson's DIY Postcard Swap.  I find postcards a really good size for swapping.  They are manageable for finishing within a reasonable time frame, yet roomy enough to really get involved and spread your creative wings.  Plus, they can easily be made into small journals or put into standard 4x6 frames for display, if desired.

If you happen to enjoy trading your work with other artists, what is your favorite size or medium?


  1. I'm a postcard fanatic. can't stop making them and sending them. You got a wonderful batch of returns from the internat'l swap. I've had a hard time figuring out the source of my incoming mail - this swap? another swap? - but I don't think I've gotten 10 back. oh well - most of the joy is in the making and sending. Priority #1 of the weekend is finishing my iHanna cards.

  2. I done postcards, fat books, ATCs - but what I wou really love to do sometime as a swap is a one-on-one altered book or journal. 2 people, 2 books- and then they go back and forth until they're finished and each person ends up with a book fulled with their own work and the work of the other person. Themed or not. Lynne Perrella and Anne Bagby did this years ago with a clown theme and the results were spectacular. It's something that appeals to me and I've always wanted to do it, but haven't as of yet.

  3. Wonderful postcards, all so different, like little snapshots into each artists studios. And I love seeing your name in Seth's book, and am so happy that you have found art and happiness!!! roxanne

  4. Well the ones you did receive were great, Creative Process was very cool. I'm on to Ihanna's too. It is kind of weird to get some of these postcards with no identification on them, that has happenined to me before.....happy creating......I cant' wait to see what you send out. xox Corirne

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I do love bright and vivid colors in my work- it's how I express myself. Seth's party keeps so many people connecting- what a gift. And what a great diverse group of postcard art you've received!! There's so much creativity in the blog world. We just need 57 hours in each day to see it all! It's brought me so much joy! I'm now a follower of yours!!

  6. how VERY FUN and entirely COOL!

  7. I like to work BIG so mailing is not an option. Love the cards your received. Such originals.

  8. Wow, lots of fun mail there! And your cards are so colorful Chris, lovely creations! :-)

  9. You received some really beautiful postcards in Shannon's swap...I love looking through them all! (I had to laugh at poor Mr. you think he was prepared to have his leg ripped off in the mail?) I had the same situation as you...some people with only email adddresses, who didn't respond to messages I sent out. I think "swapping small" is awesome--postcards, ATCs, Rolodex cards (as you know!). Such fun little ways to send art out into the world!

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