April 25, 2012

Videos Which Go With Previous Video (not necessarily in that order)

In my quest to provide as much gravitational pull as possible in one forum, I am giving you two as-yet-unseen (due to irrelevant content) videos.

Back story?  Here's your back story:

I took Traci Bautista's Strathmore Journal Workshop a while ago and decided to paint a canvas using her techniques and process.  In a previous post, which you can view here (unless your attorney has advised against it), I posted a video selected from a series of videos of my process in creating a canvas of epic scope and proportion.  

This evening, due to data restrictions, I have been culling my photos and videos down to a reasonable size of 6,275,314 units.  And as I was culling, besides getting a rash, I decided to provide two more out of the eight original process videos.  They provide, at one time, both a context and additional reasons for not watching them in the first place.

In lieu (leiu?  loo?  luau?) of anything else to post, I figured, why not?  (A rhetorical question, not requiring an answer no matter how strongly you'd like to give one.)

The video before the video:


The video after the video:


As you will see, the battery ran out at this point and the dog had to stop filming.

Next up:  Blogger revokes Chris's happy-hour privileges, especially body shots.


  1. I am sitting here weeping! You are so brave & so funny ;)

  2. Always fun to peek into your world.

  3. yOU ARE NOTHING IF NOT VERY AMUSING... i LOVE IT. (I think I left the Caps Lock on)

  4. ah, the great ink conspiracy of 2012. you're on to us.

  5. I didn't know blogger had happy hour - where do I sign up?!