June 25, 2012

Swap Reminder

Last week was very busy for us all, and I'm sure this week will be just as filled with wonder.

So, before things get out of hand, I wanted to come over and remind everyone about the bookmark swap we're hosting here at Parabolic Muse.  It's simple!  Make two bookmarks using your media of choice, and send them to me by July 16.  You'll get two different ones in return.

Sign-ups end on Saturday, June 30.  To sign up, please comment here, or at the previous post.   

I had about three hours to mess around at the art table this weekend, and made a few bookmarks.  I managed to take a photo of one of them before sending them off.  

These are made of two sides (like MOST bookmarks!  how odd!).  One side is from a painted magazine glossy page.  The other side is from a painted Trader Joe's brown paper bag (which are thicker than most brown paper bags).  The seam of the bag can be seen at the bottom of the bookmark.

What have you been up to?

Next up:  Chris loses her place.


  1. Nice bookmark--useful and beautiful!

  2. Pretty! I love your blog banner--so bright! Looking forward to the swap; it's on my calendar so I am sure to get mine of to you in time!

  3. I believe I may have forgotten to say THANK YOU. My bookmark is all ready sitting in a new book waiting to be use. Love you.


  4. I'm still deciding what to send, but I'm very excited. (my life is so exciting, not)

  5. This looks great! BUT I am so swamped (I know, I know, too swamped to make a flipping bookmark?) but yes...can I send to bookmarks that I made...with moo? Is that cheating? Let me know.


  6. OK!!
    so this was the little box you made for me - I wondered at the moulding paste?? that you did the pattern on. Gorgeous.

  7. Yay! I have figured it out! I know what my bookmarks will look like! Big hurdle. Very difficult to think of something when YOU, my friend, set the bar so high with YOUR beautiful bookmarks.