February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

For the past few days (after a month off and only spam comments coming in) I've had my blog URL adjusted so that it appears my blog had been removed.  This is Blogger's executive choice of verbiage, but the blog wasn't removed, it was just hiding.  And I feel a little anxious that people think it's removed, so tell your friends.  I know there's a big demand for this blog, and I've been remiss, so I don't want people to be sad, and cry into their beer and pretzels.

Which brings me to my first question (of which, if you know anything about this blog, there will be many): what's the deal with beer and pretzels?  I never have pretzels with beer.  Granted, I don't drink beer very often.

However, I'm planning to try pretzels with my vodka in a few minutes.

My point is:

I decided to work with some hearts, even though I've never been a big heart person.  And I always seem to have some of the most fun of my career (brain surgery) working with hearts.  What's my problem?  I should be using hearts all year long!!

But enough blathering about hearts.  
Here are some of the hearts I made:

I started by just coloring backgrounds and texturing them and telling them nice things about themselves.  Then, I collaged some hearts onto them.  It was about at this point that they realized what was going on.  Above, they are drying in a group on my mantel.

Do any of you just make things for holidays, even though you don't plan to send them out?  I mean, just for the pure joy of the holiday zing?  I didn't start this project thinking I would be giving any away, per se, but I decided to give the one above to my nephew Maddan.  Who is three.  This is ATC size, and I figured it would fit in his little wallet.  I did put some words on it, but then I decided why take a picture of that?!  

Then, this one went out to my friends Erin and Margot:

Here are a few more, some of which are not well reproduced:

I sent this one out to my friends Kerry and Ed:

Then Kerry sent me a picture of it with her anniversary Tinkerbell from Disney:

Isn't that sweet?  (Fourth question.)

I made this for my sweetie:

And the rest of the cards are still here, enjoying the domestic ambiance at their forever (maybe) home.

I'm still working with hearts, mind you, but on a foray out to see friends one evening, I had some time to myself at a tavern.  Yes!  A tavern!  So I ordered myself up a lemon drop martini, and I started in on a doodle.  Because, as you know, when you think you may have some time on your hands, you always carry your pens and mixed media paper with you.  Yay!

(don't you?)

I had no real concept or theme in mind, but I felt like drawing flowers.  I felt a little trepidatious at the sight of all the blank white paper, but I went on.  It was a brave moment in my otherwise timid existence.

Here's the first stage of that piece:

Then, I decided I wanted some color, and pulled out my Copics and Prismacolor paint markers, just like a maja playa:

And here's how it eventually turned out.  I am really pleased with it.  I want to do the same thing on a large canvas.  Why not?

(six questions)

Next up:  Scout tells me the answers are out there.


  1. for some reason a lot of your pictures aren't showing up. don't know if it's a problem from my end or yours?

  2. I absolutely love your flower doodle, although that description doesn't cover it's fabulousness. I so admire your doodle ability, I tend to sit and stare at the blank paper until I decide the TV is just far more interesting, while deep down being very disappointed in myself! Would you consider it a compliment if I recreated this one, just for fun? If you'd rather I didn't I promise I won't tell you when I do. :)

  3. Your blog has come across perfectly, Love your hearts, and aren't the recipients lucky to receive them. Hearts and now flowers, well are you feeling a little like a hippie. i sometimes do things for holidays, like I was all set to do hearts for Valentine's day and then decided I should use up my stock of cards first, (I have a lot). Then it was here... so I didn't do anything. Silly.

  4. Outstanding valentine hearts! and of course the flowers are marvelous too...had no trouble finding your blog, but I clicked on the link from your comment...so it was pretty automatic and easy. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your beloved...♥

  5. Happy Valentines Day!!! I love your hearts and doodled flowers. I was not in a heart/Valentine mood this year....but feeling like I might be moving into flower mode soon lol

  6. I always think I'm not a heart person, until I start looking around. Apparently I am, after all, and yours are lovely. As are your flower doodles. I've been a terrible blogger. I'm surprised that mine still shows up at all! xo

  7. Love your zentangley doodley flowers, spelling it all wrong of course. Hearts are nice too, especially the one for your sweetie....you will rock the zentagle MMSA swap. I will look on from afar. xox

  8. Glad you are back! Digging the flowers on the black and white background. Hearts are flutter, nicely done. I don't eat potato chips often but when I do, it's because I am drinking beer.

  9. I keep forgetting to tell you, I love my bookmark, it's so comfortable, stays well in the book, is thin and a great length. As you can tell I'm a picky bookmark user.

  10. Love how the colour turned out on the doodle piece!

  11. Welcome back! :-) I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day...surely you did with all of those pretty hearts! I am loving my visual image of you at a tavern with your Copics out. Your piece came out awesome!!

  12. Welcome back! :-) I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day...surely you did with all of those pretty hearts! I am loving my visual image of you at a tavern with your Copics out. Your piece came out awesome!!